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27. Tea room & the research lab
November 25, 2010, 4:26 am
Filed under: Everyday, Food

Spent the day with Virginia.  First, this tea room on the upper east side, where we shared the “Mad Hatter” – 3 scones, 2 pots of tea (jasmine and chocolate chai), 2 sandwiches (cucumber and ham-gruyere) AND chocolate mousse with chocolate chip cookies. Ridiculous. [pause] RiDICulous.

Then, I visited her lab, where – and I quote Virginia – “it’s all about the colors.” She does not lie.  Her lab IS your mental picture of a lab. Pretty pretty colors in beakers, tubes, clear hoses.  And then there’s the organizational boxes and trays and shelves housing various science-y gadgets, all of which have Virginia’s name affixed to them.  Stealers, you can’t have Virginia’s things.

Then there’s the color coding of very specific protein expressions from many single cells mapped out on Virginia’s computer.  This map is made possible by the very large flow cytometer, which shoots a laser beam through single cells to capture an image of those tiny proteins.  All in a day’s work for Virginia. Fascinating and amazing for me.

A blurry Virginia with flow cytometer. As you can see, there are instructions on how to run it. As simple as that. Hmm.

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