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3. Notes from The Egg
July 28, 2009, 4:26 pm
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The Dragon’s Egg in Mystic, CT that is.  Completely recommend this place if you’re looking for low cost residency!! Headed out with Cranor, and Sarah Maxfield and Tara O’Con were also there to work on their new pieces.  Here are five notes, in random order.

a.CRANKY: I won’t lie, we were cranky … Cranor and I… for much of this residency.  It was hot and combining heat with lots of work leads to cranky pants.

b. CUT, CUT:  We managed to cut a lot of language. We had entire monologue which was both  analysis of the play Mozart and a retelling of a traumatic event from my life.  We could slam those two disparate ideas and make them connect right?  No. It  was not working.  So, cut.  We will now move on to finding some Mozart music and make a little movie (actually, Brian Rogers (video/sound collaborator) will.)

c. ROPE & HEART MONITOR: It would be in my best interest, as a performer, that i not try to swing from a rope AND monitor my heartrate with a mic-ed stethoscope.  That is pure insanity. (It was not so in my imagination)

d. BETH STAYS: Her story (there are gory details) is difficult, but we both really like it. It stays.

e. MOVEMENT: how do you dance a run-on sentence?  That is all.  Just that question.

1. Hello. [ding]
July 20, 2009, 4:11 pm
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So, to start at the beginning, where the beginning is this.  I’m currently working on this solo performance,  presented by The Chocoloate Factory.  Here’s a peek at the script,  scene 1.  This is Jeffrey Cranor’s (writer, director, roommate and husband) trancribing of  a dance.   As best he can.  Which is much better than this: [and now, a dance].