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11. Everything, so far
September 6, 2009, 5:56 am
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For those who: 1) like the short version OR 2) enjoy or tolerate a non-sequitur synopsis.

Hello [ding]. I introduced the show, then  showed you photos, three photos of a photo shoot.  Then, off to a place called the egg, where we (Cranor and I) experienced crankiness, cut some of the script, and kept the story about Beth.  We also did other things, like eat Mystic Pizza.  This buff man demonstrated the cinch and pinch method for rope climbing.  Then Cranor’s love for Roy Andersson ensued[enter Swede #1].  Then my love for Stieg Larsson ensued [enter Swede #2].  Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante in E flat, K364 played.  It was sweet.  I qualified my obsession with Larsson. Selfish.  Then I danced [ding]. Bells.  And more recently, Lovecraft made an appearance – by way of inspiration, by way of his story prompts –  and Cranor wrote prose (not prose for our show), which, he doesn’t usually do, btw.  Write literary prose, that is.

That is everything, so far.

10. Lovecraft
September 6, 2009, 5:18 am
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A very ancient colossus in a very ancient desert. Face gone—no man hath seen it.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book Entry No. 21: "A very ancient colossus in a very ancient desert. Face gone—no man hath seen it."

Here’s a neat (and developing) story.  Cranor is contributing to Joseph Fink‘s project, where 40 writers take on over 200 story ideas found in this diary of H.P. Lovecraft.  Joseph got the idea while working at Something Aweful, and they were publishing a spoof of the Lovecraft diary,  called Tupac Shakur’s Commonplace Book. (priceless)

A mere sampling of the strange and wonderful Lovecraft story ideas:

  • No. 3 – The shores of Attica respond in song to the waves of the Aegean
  • No. 107 – Wall paper cracks off in sinister shape—man dies of fright. [x] [Rats in Walls]
  • No. 120 – Talking bird of great longevity—tells secret long afterward

And Cranor wrote from this little Lovecraft joint:

  • No. 29 – Dream of Seekonk—ebbing tide—bolt from sky—exodus from Providence—fall of Congregational dome.

Here is his riff. Enjoy.