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18. Yesterday
September 25, 2009, 2:16 pm
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Mimi cat woke me at 4am.  Or I woke her, and then she decided to make biscuits with her paws paws on my tummy. oy. Couldn’t sleep.  Watched early morn news. Depressing. Read a book. Better. Asleep by 7:30, back up at 10:30.

Later, Dad went into town to get the AMAZING white chocolate lavender biscotti we ordered from Carl Schweizer as a gift for my aunt Candace.  Who’s arriving today.  Her first trip ever to NYC.

Meanwhile, Mom and I gabbed and ordered food in.  I tried not to give anything away about Stieg Larsson’s 2nd book (enter the Swede, again). She HAS to read it. Or I will spill the beans. (No. I won’t.  But I want to.)

Then warmed up for 2nd performance (always the toughest one, energy wise).  Read the NY Times review. Smile.  Press on. A speed thru with lines.  Then, onstage. Just like last night, saw very good people in the audience.  Warmed my heart.

Post show dinner with fam.  We toast with the bottle of Sangiovese from Aunt Karen, which was excellent.